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Earn even more by fulfilling orders for intercity trips

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Frequently asked questions

You need a car in good condition and a smartphone with Internet access. In a few minutes you can fill out a questionnaire on the website, and if you have any questions - write to the administration in the "Contacts" section.
We encourage compliance with traffic rules. We advise you to keep the car in good condition, keep the passenger compartment clean and fill the tank on time. You need to be polite, behave correctly, be able to act in conflict situations. Some of them are preventable. It's good, for example, to always have change and remind passengers not to forget things at the end of the trip. You should be prepared for most situations.
The app is called Taxsee Driver and is available on Google Play and the App Store. It has been downloaded over 3 million times on Android. This is a record among developed Russian companies for taxi drivers. You can find "Taxsee Driver" by searching by name.
All orders are visible in the application in the general list, which is divided into categories. You can view orders separately by city or long distance. You can choose the nearest or preliminary with a specific time. For orders from the list, requests must be sent. It is also convenient to use automatic assignment. In this case, it is not necessary to view the long list that will be offered according to the established conditions.
Yes. It is convenient for some to fulfill orders during rush hours, for others at night. You can take just one trip on your way to work or just along the way. Plan your income and vacation yourself. Resting is also important - for personal safety and maintaining the quality of the service.
The price of a trip is made up of many parameters: the cost of fuel, repair costs, insurance and car maintenance. It also takes into account supply and demand, competition, carrier tariffs in each city. The service seeks to maintain a balance of interests of all participants in the process.
Earn when the weather is bad, when the holidays come. Morning and evening rush hours are also the basis for increasing income: people want a car on time and leave a tip in gratitude. Provide a quality service, get positive reviews and be among the leaders in the distribution of orders. The priority in receiving orders is given to drivers who have placed advertisements of the service on their cars.